Tinplate, Tin Mill Products, Flat Rolled Steel Products, and Aluminum

Reynolds Services, Inc.

Distribution, Processing, and Sales of Flat Rolled Steel Products & other Nonferrous Metals


Develop sustainable domestic and
international supply chain
solutions for our customers
around the world.


Specialize in processing
that adds value to and supplements
customer capacities
and capabilities.


Offer Prepress and
Prototyping Services
that speed the process from
packaging concept to
finalized container

Reynolds Services, Inc. (RSI) is a tin mill service center that specializes in the distribution and sales of cut sheet, flat rolled steel, coil, slit coil, and tin mill products. Reynolds Services’ headquarters are located in Greenville, PA, and distributes flat rolled steel and tin mill products across the country. Our Tin Mill Product and Flat Rolled Steel customer base includes manufacturers of a wide range of products including sanitary cans, general line cans, decorative tins, paint cans, caps and other various items. To accommodate these different specifications, RSI carries a large inventory with a wide range of material including tinplate, black plate, and tin free steel in a wide array of tempers, coatings, and surface finishes. To meet the needs of our slit coil customers, we also stock a variety of Galvanized, Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled, Prepainted Steel Products, and Aluminum.

Quality Assurance of Flat Rolled Steel and Tin Mill Products

To ensure that material meets our customers’ specifications, highly-trained quality assurance personnel closely monitor material being processed on the shear lines and coil slitters. In addition, coils being sold for coil sales are thoroughly inspected and tested before being shipped. The quality of our product is of the utmost importance at RSI. We are continually striving to meet our goal to provide the best quality products to our customers with 100% compliance and “zero defects”.

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