RSI specializes in the distribution and processing of various metals from Tin Mill products to Specialty Metals.


Producing high quality products sourced from Tinplate, Tin Mill Products, Flat Rolled Steel Products, and other Specialty Metals are a core competency of Reynolds Services, Inc.  Learn more about the processing capabilities that we possess:


Cut-to-Length Sheeting

To meet the demands of today’s precision metal decorating and sheet slitting equipment, RSI utilizes state-of-the-art sheeting equipment supplied by Littell, LLC.  In fact, we possess one of the largest privately-held collections of Littell sheeting lines in the world.  Between our two processing locations in Greenville, PA and our processing facility in Baltimore, MD, we have five Littell cutting lines currently in production, including one of only three high speed Littell BR-5ER rotary shears in the world.

For less critical applications, RSI also utilizes two Iowa Precision cutting lines in our Baltimore, MD facility.

Do you have cut sheets that you need resized to a smaller dimension?  We can do that too!  Contact our sales team at 724-646-2600 for more information on our sheet resizing capabilities in Greenville, PA and Baltimore, MD.

Metal Coating & Decorating

Reynolds Services’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Metal Litho & Laminating dba RSI Metal Litho Greenville, specializes in offering high-quality metal coating and metal decorating services.  As one of North America’s only independent metal coaters and decorators, RSI Metal Litho Greenville is not burdened with an inflexible schedule to supply an internal manufacturing site.  While most metal decorators fill unused production hours around their own internal needs, our entire schedule is dictated by our customer and their needs.

RSI has also partnered with independent lithographers, fully integrated can companies, and coil coaters to actively purchase excess coating and litho production time and offer coated/lithographed packages.  We are pleased to provide this value-added, single-invoice service* to our customers.  Whether you require a coated/lighographed package on a regular basis or have a short term metal decorating need, we can assist you.

*The “single-invoice service,” when offered on coating and lithography services performed by third parties, is a financial and administrative product.  Reynolds Services offers no warranties on and makes no representations of the workmanship or product quality of the individual coil coaters or metal decorators utilized.  We make no representations of the suitableness of your specifications for coating or lithography to your end use.  Individual coil coaters’ or metal decorators’ policies related to warranties to end users vary. 


Reynolds Services specializes in offering precision slit coil products.  Utilizing a network of high-quality, toll-slitting partners, we can quickly service and turnaround slit coil product to customers nationally and around the globe.

Contact our sales team at 724-646-2600 to have a thorough discussion on available inventory, product capabilities, and slit coil products available.

Finished Component Manufacturing

Do you need slit body blanks?  Formed slip covers?  Manufactured parts?  Sometimes purchasing cut sheets, coils, and/or individual processing services just does not meet your sourcing needs.  Whether we tool up internally or outsource processing to one of our partners, we work with our customers to help develop and provide a competitive supply chain that meets your needs.  Call us at 724-646-2600 to discuss your specialized product needs.