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Reynolds Services offers a wide array of steel products for your product specifications, including:

Tin Mill Products, Tin Plate, Specialty Metals, and Cold Rolled Steel, PA

Pair these product options with our extensive production capabilities – including sheeting, slitting, coating and/or decorating, and fabrication – and our ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System, and your raw materials sourcing options from Reynolds Services are practically endless.  Tin Mill Products include Tinplate, Tin Free Steel, and Black Plate. Flat Rolled Sheet products include Galvanized Steel, Hot Rolled Steel, and Cold Rolled Steel. Specialty metals include Aluminum, Stainless, Copper, and Brass.

Tin Mill Products, Flat Rolled Steel, Tinplate | Reynolds Services (724) 646-2600

Learn more about the Flat Rolled Steel and Tin Mill Products that we offer:

Tin Mill Products
Tinplate is light gauge steel that is electrolytically plated with commercially pure tin for enhanced corrosion protection.  It is available in either a highly reflective bright surface, or as a non-reflective matte finish.  Tinplate is highly formable, drawable, and weldable making it suitable for a wide range of canmaking technologies.  Because of its corrosion resistance, a wide variety of food products can be packed in tinplate cans.  Tinplate is ideally suited as a base metal for lithography and organic coatings for items such as decorative tins, aerosol cans, and paint cans. 
Tin Free Steel
Commonly called TFS, tin free steel is actually a light gauge, electolytically coated chromium sheet.  It is a more economic alternative to tinplate, primarily used for can ends.  TFS is an excellent base for organic coatings and lithography.  In addition to can ends, TFS is also used for lockseamed can bodies, as well as numerous non-container items. 
Black Plate
Black Plate is a light gauge cold rolled sheet steel and is the base metal for all tinplate and TFS.  Some manufacturers use black plate in its uncoated state for a wide array of products, such as curtain rods, building supply products, and toys, among other applications. 
Flat Rolled Sheet Products
Galvanized Steel
Galvanized steel sheet is a cold rolled steel that has zinc deposited on it for corrosion protection, either by electroplating or dipping through a molten bath.  Because of its rust resistance, it is used for many construction projects in a number of environments.  It is also used for various exposed and unexposed automobile parts.
Hot Rolled Steel
Hot Rolled is a steel sheet that is reduced to its final thickness on a high temperature hot rolling facility.  Used in items such as auto and truck frames, pipe and tube, and guardrail.  Hot rolled can be produced in a wide range of strengths, depending on its use.   
Cold Rolled Steel
Cold Rolled is a flat rolled steel sheet that is reduced to its final thickness by being rolled at room temperature.  It is used in many different applications such as storage racks, office furniture, tubing, and storage sheds.  Cold rolled is usually used as a painted product.  
Specialty Metals
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Tinplate, Galvanized Steel, and Cold Rolled Steel, PA