Business Continuity Services

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Business continuity is the process of creating systems of prevention (proactive) and recovery (reactive) to deal with threats to your company.  How well are you covered from a business disruption either internally or from a supplier? Do you have a business continuity (disaster recovery) plan in place and communicated throughout your facility? 

Reynolds Services, Inc. offers our customers a multi-tiered approach to partnering with your company to provide business continuity / disaster recovery plans and services for your business.  Whether you have a planned outage due to an internal capital improvement project or an immediate need due to an equipment failure, Reynolds Services is strategically positioned to assist when your company’s need arises.  By utilizing RSI as a strategic partner for your business continuity needs, you gain access not only to our extensive internal processing capabilities but also our extensive network of outside processors as well.

Internal business continuity capabilities include the following areas:

  • Cut-to-length sheeting on our Littell shear lines strategically located in Greenville, PA for processing of materials for U.S. domestic consumption or located in Baltimore, MD for processing of imported supply or domestic material to be exported.
  • Sheet metal coating and lithography of tinplate, tin mill products, cold rolled sheet, and aluminum steel products centrally located in Western Pennsylvania and right next door to our Greenville, PA cut-to-length sheeting operation.
  • Production of steel strips and blanks utilizing our various sheet slitters in all facilities to assist with alleviating any excess demand for strip products or body blanks.

Additionally, sometimes due to an internal failure or supply issue, your in-house processed material requires additional rework that you do not have the manpower or time to address.  In these cases, RSI offers a variety of material Value Reclamation Services which include the following services:

  • In-line and off-line sheet inspection and defect rejection.
  • Sheet resizing or strip rejection utilizing our various sheet slitters.
  • In-line coil side-trimming for defect removal or coil width reapplication.
  • Transit damage reclamation services.

Finally, we maintain a large inventory of surplus equipment to keep our production lines constantly running and assist our customers in maintaining their 24/7/365 operations.  In addition to an assortment of various cut-to-length, coating and lithography, and stamping equipment, Reynolds Services has the following surplus equipment available in inventory to assist us and you in keeping production running whether complete or parted out for their inventory of spare parts:

  • Two additional complete Littell Shear Lines.
  • Six 15″ Wagner Coaters.
  • Nine 45″ Hoe Presses.

When considering Business Continuity Services and an appropriate provider, your demands are as unique as your individual company.  Contact us at 724-646-2600 to start a conversation on how we can customize our services to meet your needs!