Short-Term Material Needs

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How resilient are your suppliers?

No matter how prepared or sophisticated your production facilities are you are still vulnerable to short-falls from your suppliers.  Whether it is missing a deadline, not delivering a product to the specification that you need or simply being unable to fulfill a commitment in quantity this ‘short fall’ effects your ability to produce and deliver products on time.  When a supplier fails to meet the standards of your working agreement the ripple effect can be felt throughout the manufacturing process and ultimately by the end consumer.

The biggest effect on your business of a supplier not meeting expectations is inaction; so, you need to be ready with a contingency plan.  Having an supplier to handle short term needs is not only good business practice but ensures continuity of supply to the entire supply chain.  It is critical that this process is established, clearly defined and ready for implementation at a moments notice.  This includes contacts, pricing, and capacity availability worked out in advance to minimize disruption. 

Reynolds Services, Inc. provides our customers with a flexibility while offering a quality product to our customers whether we are filling the entire service center role or offering short-term supply chain gap fill solutions.  We have facilities in Pennsylvania and Maryland that will supply you with a product of the same integrity, if not better than your primary supplier. Our goal for our ‘gap fill’ customers is to be there when they need us.  We are just as concerned about your manufacturing need as you are.  We want to keep you running and we have the inventory and manufacturing capacity to do just that.  For more information please reach out to us (add contact info here) to see how Reynolds Services, Inc. can earn your business.

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Short-term material needs arise for a variety of reasons and no matter the reason, it can create an unexpected disruption in your supply chain and or manufacturing process that often occurs at the least opportune time.  At Reynolds Services, Inc. we get it!  That is why we not only carry an extensive inventory to support those short lead time requirements, we employ a diverse product team that is coupled with a strong network of strategic suppliers and outside processing partners that provide the most extensive single source solution when you need it the most.


Don’t hesitate to contact us today at 724-646-2600 to speak with one of our team members on how we can best assist you with your immediate short term needs (material and or toll processing) as well as how we complement your current supply chain in the future.


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