Statement on Food Allergens

22nd April 2024

Reynolds Services, Inc.

Statement on Food Allergens




Reynolds Services, Inc., a processor of tin mill products, confirms to the best of its knowledge that the following major groups of allergens are not intentionally or knowingly utilized by our mill suppliers in the making of Tin Products:


                        Milk products or derivatives

                        Egg products or derivatives

                        Peanuts or derivatives

                        Tree nuts or derivatives

                        Fish or derivatives

                        Shellfish or derivatives

                        Wheat or derivatives

                        Soy or derivatives


The steelmaking process uses scrap steel products, which include food cans that may contain residual food products. However, the steelmaking process temperatures exceed 2600 degrees F, and any food residuals would be thermally destroyed.

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Signed On: January 23, 2019

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