Cross IT Awarded “Excellence in Design” by FileMaker

Cross IT Services and Solutions, LLC is awarded the 2018 Excellence in Design aware for its Ink-n-Paint solution by FileMaker.  This award recognizes the FBA company that has demonstrated the best interaction design and visual design to create an exceptional user experience. Cross IT received the award for their superior design interface, architectural design, and ability of Ink-n-Paint to integrate across multiple solutions.

What you need to know about the solution. Ink n Paint (INP) is a complete ERP solution integrating all functions of the operation into one complete system utilizing a shared database to support all functions including inventory, sales order, shipping, receiving and production to name a few.  By use of the FileMaker platform and the development of the INP solution Select Metal Litho has been able to take a business unit that was strictly paper based and move them to a highly integrated, customizable, customer-centric and fluid solution within twelve (12) months.  The system was designed specifically for the lithography industry and has been tailored to meet the needs and processes of the customer. It is possible that this solution could be used by other in the industry.  The current user base for this product is a facility with twenty (20) employees, with plans to expand to fifty (50) employees in the next three years.  INP a critical component in allowing for the expansion of not only human capital but equipment, customers, capabilities all while expanding the industry footprint for the company.