Press Release

Metal Litho and Laminating, LLC Acquires Select Metal Litho Greenville Facility

A close partnership provides a strategic advantage to the market

Greenville, Pennsylvania, USA August 1, 2018 – Metal Litho and Laminating, LLC, a subsidiary of Reynolds Services, Inc., is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of the Select Metal Litho facility in Greenville, one of the last independent metal decorators in the United States.  It has long been the goal of the Reynolds Services, Inc. team to enter into the metal decorating industry through direct investment completing the ‘value-added’ cycle for their customers.  Reynolds Services and Select Metal Litho Greenville have shared a close relationship for many years and will combine their operational efficiencies and customer-centric culture providing best of class service to the industry.

“This acquisition positions Reynolds Services as the leading fully-integrated domestic service center capable of providing a full range of cutting, slitting, coating, and lithography products and services for the tin mill products marketplace,” said John R. Frangakis, Chief Executive Officer of Reynolds Services, Inc.  “As the next wave of industry consolidation and rationalization occurs, Reynolds Services is uniquely positioned to assist tinplate consumers with everything from short-term disaster recovery and planned maintenance needs to supplementing longer term production capacity shortfalls.”

This Metal Litho & Laminating, LLC facility will continue to do business under the Select Metal Litho Greenville name.  More information about the facility can be found at the website.

About Reynolds Services, Inc. – Reynolds Services, Inc. is a metal service center that specializes in the processing, distribution and sales of tin mill products, flat rolled steel products, and other nonferrous metals including aluminum.  Their integration of technology and culture of innovation throughout all phases of their operations has allowed RSI to stay ahead of the curve as the steel market continues to evolve.

For more information on this topic, please contact Brandy Hammerschmidt, Director of Corporate Services for Reynolds Services, Inc., at (724) 646-3781 or via email at