RSI and You – Partnership Synergies at Work Everyday

RSI’s reputation founded on integrity, quality and reliability is second to none in the Tinplate and metal service center market; this continues even today.  With the first quarter century under our belts, RSI has grown to multiple facilities with sales internationally. 

RSI has continued to transform its business into a highly innovative, customer-focused, quality-driven metal service center that is continuously reengineering our organization to meet the demands of our dynamic marketplace. Not only are our employees working with state-of-the-art quality systems, but also more recently we created a department strictly for the servicing of our customers. In addition to our partnerships in the Steel market we also offer our customers strategic relationships with both lithographers and coil coaters. By having these key pieces in place for our customers, it differentiates Reynolds Services as a metal service center with the ability to competitively offer a single-invoice coated / lithographed package supplied on a just-in-time basis.


Reynolds Services, Inc. is committed to engineering a holistic plan for the steel needs of our customers.  We develop and implement a targeted strategy in the areas of Mill Supply, Market Conditions, Service Center, Quality, Freight and Disaster Recovery.  

The success of RSI is, and continues to be, the partnering of unique personnel and opportunities for our customers. If you would like to hear more about our business model and how we service the Tinplate and metals market you can reach us at or directly at (724) 646-2600.