2020 The Canmaker magazine Cans of the Year Awards Entry – Prototype Category

Metal Packaging is the sexy and sustainable choice for product delivery; however, tooling capital expenditures, metal packaging product lead times, and large minimum runs can severely inhibit the industry’s ability to rapidly deliver a shelf-ready prototype to a brand manager’s hands for final approval.

The Reynolds Services’ prototype entry for 2020 is perhaps more about the process utilized to develop the prototype and deliver it to the customer than it is about the actual design.  Traditional prepress functions work hand-in-hand with new and advanced manufacturing techniques such as Computer-Aided Design, 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, and even Computer Animation to make a shelf-ready and shelf-representative prototype package that can help you close your metal packaging sale to your customer faster.  The deliverable product is an Augmented Reality Prototype which when used with your Apple iOS device natively or, in the future, other smart phones with third party software, creates an interactive experience which allows you to place and manipulate a virtual object like the prototype into a real-world environment.

The importance of this type of prototype is only magnified now that we currently live in a COVID-19 world.  With collaboration teams split up, many working from home, and with business travel severely hampered, the prototype can be distributed as easily and quickly as sending a text message or accessing a web page.  Furthermore, the speed of customer-requested revisions and their distribution are limited only by the speed at which the engineering and prepress teams can work to deliver them.

Reynolds Services is dedicated to shortening the Concept to Container Life Cycle in order to promote and enhance the market standing of metal packaging in both aluminum and tin mill products segments.  We appreciate your consideration as an innovative entry into the Can of the Year Prototype Category for 2020.

About the Orange Grove Sun Screen Prototype Can:

The Orange Grove Sun Screen Prototype Can was designed in-house by the Meridian Design Studio, llc, a subsidiary of Reynolds Services, Inc.  It is an augmented reality prototype proposal for a custom 1-Piece Aluminum Shaped can for the Personal Care market segment.  All can design including the shape and the artwork were designed in-house at Meridian to ensure no conflicts exist with any brands currently in the marketplace.

Augmented Reality Orange Grove Sunscreen Can photographed in a real environment.

Demonstration of using the Augmented Reality Orange Grove Sunscreen Can recorded in a real environment.


Viewing the Orange Grove Sun Screen Prototype Can:

To view the Augmented Reality Prototype utilizing an Apple iOS or iPadOS device, just tap on the following can thumbnail in this post with you finger and point your device camera at a table surface or desktop for product placement.  Once the product has been placed on a surface, you should be able to view it from all angles by moving around it with your iOS or iPadOS device, you can make the item larger or smaller by pinching or zooming using two fingers on the prototype, or you can rotate the prototype by using those same two fingers to rotate in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.  You can refer to the Demonstration Video above to view a demonstration of interacting with this technology.


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*Requires a device running iPadOS or iOS 12 or later